Gooey Chocolate Caramel Brownies

Chocolate caramel brownies - rich, moist chocolate brownie.  Crisp on top with a gooey caramel centre.

These brownies are so good that it’s bad.  It’s extremely difficult to walk past the box on the counter without hunching over the work surface and taking a large bite out of ANOTHER one.

My experimentation to get a gooey caramel filling that:

a) Didn’t just melt into the brownie mix, leaving the bottom of the brownie lovely and caramelized, but the gooey centre indistinguishable from the rest of the brownie
b) Produced a lovely pocket of caramel that stretched and oozed when you bit in – regardless of whether the brownie was warm or had cooled completely,

meant that I had to knock up a few of these sinful little treats.  I ended up sending my last batch into work with Chris just to remove the constant temptation.

Fortunately having the kids off school for the half term holidays means that I’ve had more opportunity to run around and work them off!

I’ve also been into the craft box, busily making some new photography boards this week.
My stash of dishes, tableware and fabrics for the blog is increasing all the time.  It’s like shoes – you can never have too many! I’m finding that I’m getting a bit limited on base surfaces though.  My most recent favourites have been an old pallet as seen here and here, and also the large piece of slate I’m using for the photo above.  I was overjoyed when we found them at a demolition yard a couple of months ago.  The experience really showed off my lack of bargaining skills though.  I tried to play it cool, … 

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Creamy pesto chicken with roasted tomatoes and croutons - A vibrant, one-pot dish, full of flavour. Ready in less than 30 mins.

Creamy Pesto Chicken with Roast Tomatoes and Croutons

One-pot cooking doesn’t have to be all about same-coloured food that spends all day in the slow cooker.  Whilst I am a huge fan of coming home to a meltingly tender ragu or spicy brisket, sometimes we’re out too early to start something cooking, and home too late to be bothered with anything more than beans on toast…. 

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Orange, carrot and ginger HOT smoothie - a quick and healthy hot smoothie for a cold day.

Orange Carrot and Ginger HOT smoothie – Week 4 of my Hot Smoothie Saturday series for October

The oaty chocolate hot smoothie from last week seemed pretty popular, so I was considering another creamy one for this week…. However, I just couldn’t resist a bright orange smoothie for Halloween! If you were hoping for a creamy one, then I’ll make it up to you next week.  I was supposed to finish this series… 

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Cauliflower Arancini filled with creamy boursin cheese. Quicker and healthier than regular arancini. Baked rather than fried.

Cauliflower Arancini

Cauliflower the wonder veg strikes again! Is there no end to the usefulness of this normally bland and slightly stinky vegetable? Cauliflower pizza crust? Not bad. I’ve yet to perfect this. Coriander cauliflower rice (with thai prawns)? Sooo good Creamy cauliflower soup? AM-A-ZING And now, we have crispy, garlicky, creamy arancini. Ok, hands up, they’re… 

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Garlic Chicken pasta with Kale - a tasty one-pot dish ready in 25 minutes.

One Pot Garlic Chicken Pasta

A quick and easy meal with minimal washing up! So long as you have some cooked chicken on hand, you can have this ready in 25 minutes. Perfect for that after school/work rush or for a simple weekend lunch. This meal started out life as very low carb, but it was never going to happen…. 

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Banana Oat Cookies - no flour, no eggs, no butter - totally healthy and delicious!

Banana Oat Cookies

I may be a little too excited about this new way to use up those leftover spotty bananas.  This is the quickest and simplest cookie recipe I’ve ever made, and they taste so good, I may have to hide our bananas to make them go spotty – just so I can make these every week. What’s more,… 

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Oaty Chocolate hot smoothie - a quick and healthy hot smoothie for a cold day

Oaty Chocolate Hot Smoothie – Week 3 of my Hot Smoothie Saturday series for October

Did I ever tell you how much I love chocolate for breakfast? If I didn’t, you may have worked it out already based on those pancakes with white chocolate, or maybe those Nutella Sweet rolls . Unlike the zillion calories and liberal sprinkling of sugar in those examples, today I’m presenting you with a healthy… 

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Halloween chocolate cherry fondant - A spooky Halloween treat for us grown ups!

Halloween chocolate cherry fondant

I’m pretty sure that having one of these every evening for the past 4 evenings isn’t that healthy. However, it is pretty flippin fantastic :-) I usually find myself making spooky cupcakes, Frankenstein mint mousses, skeleton veg crudite plates and oreo spiders for the kids at this time of year. Rather than follow on with… 

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Sugar glazed pulled beef brisket in a rich, tangy sauce with a hint of spice.

Caramelized Pulled Beef Brisket in a Rich Spicy Sauce

Take a couple of forks and shred this slow cooked beef brisket into tender ribbons.  Serve it with a ladle full of the rich and tangy sauce and some simple spinach rice.  Make sure you save yourself some of the caramelised pieces from the outside – they’re the best bits.  Then maybe add a spoonful of sweet chilli jam… 

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