Fluffy Buttermilk Raisin Scones

Spread these buttermilk scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam for the best English cream tea.
Light and fluffy buttermilk scones with raisins - so good served with clotted cream and jam!
I’ve been a bit strawberry mad lately, so this is the last time you’ll see a hint of a strawberry for at least a week or two I promise!

Besides, this isn’t actually a strawberry recipe.  This is my classic scone recipe.  Light and fluffy and packed with raisins, they really do taste fab with a nice cup of tea.
Light and fluffy buttermilk scones with raisins - so good served with clotted cream and jam!

I made and photographed this recipe a couple of months ago for Craftberry Bush – Lucy Akin’s beautiful website that I’m thrilled to write for.
Lucy is kindly allowing me to share any recipes that I write for her site on my blog too, so I couldn’t wait to get these yummy treats on here for you.

Before we get into the recipe though, I’m interested to know how you pronounce scones. 

Scones as in ‘ones’ or scones as in ‘cones’.  It’s an endless debate in our house, as I use the first pronunciation and Chris, pronounces it the second way.  Neither of us will ever back down, and our poor kids have even started using it as a tool to get brownie points (‘mummy I love your sc-ones, please may I have one?’ Or ‘Daddy, it’s definitely s-cones isn’t it.  Shall we watch Lego movie now?’).
Light and fluffy buttermilk scones with raisins - so good served with clotted cream and jam!

Of course that’s nothing to the age-old argument between Devon and Cornwall (the two southern UK counties that are most famous for selling the ‘cream tea’ as they call it).  The population of Devon firmly believes …

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Honey-filled breakfast popsicles. A healthy and fun summer breakfast for the whole family.

Honey-Filled Breakfast Popsicles

A fun breakfast the kids (and adults) will love! I’m bringing you popsicles for breakfast. Not your regular fruity popsicle – this is creamy Greek yoghurt, strawberry sauce, oats, and the best bit – the ooey gooey honey centre. Sounds a bit bizarre I know, but the reaction from my kids when they eat these…

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Black Pepper Steak with Chilli Lime Noodles - this recipe is guaranteed to get your taste buds tingling!

Black Pepper Steak with Chilli Lime Noodles

Today’s post is sponsored by my friends at LKK.  Check out their Summer BBQ competition site for a chance to win flight tickets to Hong Kong amongst lots of other prizes at www.LKKcarnival.com. Oh my! Crisp fried steak strips with crunchy vegetables in a black pepper and oyster sauce.  Serve it with noodles cooked in…

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No-churn, strawberry shortbread ice cream - decadently creamy and delicious!

Strawberry Shortbread Ice Cream

Creamy, luscious no-churn ice cream, swirled with strawberry sauce and strawberry pieces, then sprinkled with crumbled up shortbread biscuits. I love it when something easy-to-make tastes out of this world. Making multi-step cakes and desserts can be fun, but tucking into a bowl of something that tastes this good – after only 10 minutes of…

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Simple Strawberry Sauce - use on ice cream, in popsicles, on granola - you can even use it as cordial.

Simple Strawberry Sauce

Homemade strawberry sauce is so easy to make, and it tastes great on everything! Summer in a bottle! I found I had an abundance of strawberries that were just at the peak of ripeness.  One more day and they would have been squishy.  So rather than make the family eat strawberries for every meal I…

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Garlic Bread Spaghetti - yes I really did make garlic bread crumbs from a shop-bought garlic bread, but it was delicious!

20-Minute Garlic Bread Spaghetti

A strange-sounding but delicious vegetarian dinner! Crispy garlic breadcrumbs tossed with spaghetti, lemon, chilli and parmesan.  This easy dinner is on the table in 20 minutes! Before you say it, I know what you’re thinking. Bread mixed with pasta? that’s a bit of a carb overload isn’t it? When the recipe idea popped into my…

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Panzanella Caprese salad. The dressing-soaked garlic croutons are what makes this salad so amazing!

Panzanella Caprese with Garlicky Croutons + a Mindful Eating Update

Sweet, ripe tomatoes, creamy mozzarella and garlic croutons all come together with a simple but delicious dressing. This salad is guaranteed to get your tastebuds tingling. I know there are lots of variations of the classic Panzanella, but the for the most part, the basic recipe consists of beautifully ripe tomatoes, bread (usually stale) soaked…

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Chocolate coconut granola with cranberries - my kids love this because it turns the milk chocolatey!

Chocolate Coconut Granola

Chocolate for breakfast! My favourite….Good morning chocolate granola with toasted coconut flakes and little bursts of chewy dried cranberry! Sometimes it’s so pleasant to find yourself sat in front of a lovely breakfast like this that you have to say hi. Or maybe that’s just me. I’m starting to get quite a few granola recipes…

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Hot and spicy Thai fish cakes - so simple but packed FULL of flavour.

Thai Fish Cake Skewers

Tender, salmon Thai fish-cakes. Cook them on the BBQ for a spicy treat. These little fishcake bites are absolutely packed with flavour. Chilli, lemongrass, garlic, coriander, kaffir lime leaves, ginger – all the stuff that equals serious Thai flavours. They’re so simple to make – just whizz everything up in the food processer for a…

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This simple noodle salad with spicy nut sauce makes a great meat-free lunch. Or serve it with Thai fishcakes for a delicious dinner.

Easy Nutty Noodle Salad

A simple and delicious cold noodle salad served with a spicy, nutty sauce.  A really quick and simple noodle salad for you today. I was looking for something healthy, crunchy and just a little bit filling to serve alongside some Thai fishcakes, and this salad turned out to the be the perfect answer. Rice noodles…

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Spanish chicken one-pot with chorizo and peppers - let the oven do the hard work!

Spanish Chicken One-Pot

Spanish chicken one-pot with chorizo and peppers – let the oven do the hard work! Juicy, golden skinned chicken and spicy chorizo, served on a bed of tender basmati and red rice.  Yes, this is some hearty comfort food! However, I’ve lightened it up with the addition of yellow bell peppers, lightly-cooked cherry tomatoes and…

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vanilla-slice with hazelnut crunch

Recipe Round-up from Savory Style

I know I don’t usually post during the weekend, but today I’m bringing you a little something extra in the form of a round-up post. I’ve been writing for Savory Style for a little while now.  It’s a website full of delicious recipes that are created by a small group of food bloggers.   Having…

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