Cheesy Veggie burgers

Cheesy Veggie burgers - these healthy burgers are so tasty even the meat eaters will demand them! Who doesn’t love a good burger that you almost have to dislocate your jaw for – just to get your mouth around?

This burger just works.  Bright tasty veg, gooey-melty cheese and crispy breadcrumbs.  A perfect Meatless Monday meal!

I had to persuade Chris that meatless Monday’s are ‘a real thing’ when I explained we were having these instead of meat for tea.  Always one to give me a thoroughly miserable look when I cook him a meat-free meal, he begrudgingly praised them as he tucked unto burger number two.  Moohaha! That’s one for the veggie-win pile.

I started thinking about these when I was writing my creamy cauliflower soup post a couple of months ago.  I made that recipe based on a soup I used to love from a little sandwich shop about 20 years ago.  At the same time, I was working in a burger place that sold the best veggie burger I’d ever tasted.  They were deep fried from frozen and sold to us in massive boxes.  Straight from the box, they looked like frosty little beige hockey pucks, made completely without love, and probably filled with all sorts of unpronounceable ingredients.  But damn they were good.

Now these ones …

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Pulled Duck with Sririacha plum sauce - The easiest way to make, slow-cooked, fall apart duck with crispy skin.

Pulled Duck with Plum Sriracha Sauce

I promised you pulled duck… So I’m delivering on that promise in slow-cooked, fall apart, huge-mound-of-meat style. I had a hard time photographing this one without pinching a piece, and then another, and then another.  You get the picture. This is so easy to cook, and so tasty, you’ll wonder why you don’t cook duck more often.  I know…

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Plum Sriracha sauce - A sticky, spicy dipping sauce or marinade, perfect with duck or wontons.

Plum Sriracha Sauce

I don’t know about you, but I’m never satisfied with the plum dipping sauce sold in jars in the supermarket.  They always taste like unnaturally sweet jam and have a pallid, wimpy colour to them. For this reason, I decided to make my own plum sauce -with a hot sriracha kick – to go with some slow-cooked duck. Mmmmm slow-cooked duck….

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Ricotta Oat Pancakes - Hearty pancakes topped with a creamy lemon sauce and fresh pomegranate. Gluten Free!

Ricotta Oat Pancakes with Creamy Lemon Sauce

Pancake experimentation.  The possibilities are limitless! I was watching ‘Donut Showdown’ on TV the other day (Don’t judge me.  I bet you watch some rubbish too when it’s nearly time for bed, but the activity of walking up the stairs just seems too strenuous; So you waste a portion of quality sleep watching 10-year-old quiz…

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Raspberry and Almond Pithiviers - Golden flaky pastry filled with frangipane and raspberries.

Raspberry and Almond Pithiviers

 You know when you bite into a dessert, and that first tastes means you suddenly just want everything and everyone else to go away so you can luxuriate in every little morsel? So you can focus 100% of your attention of that perfect moment of enjoyment? That is what this Raspberry and Almond Pithivier does to you.  Juicy,…

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Croissant twists - flaky croissant pastry, filled with almond paste and drizzled with creamy almond frosting.

Flaky Almond Croissant Twists

I’m so excited today to be bringing you my first sponsored post.  I’ve partnered with Fiji Water – ‘Perfection takes time’ – to bring you a recipe for buttery, flaky almond croissant twists.  Filled with almond frangipane and drizzled with creamy almond frosting, they’re the perfect accompaniment to your morning cup of coffee. I’m going to start off…

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Creamy breakfast eggs with kale - An easy one-pot breakfast or lunch - ready in under 10 minutes.

Creamy Eggs and Kale Breakfast

My absolute favourite grown-up version of  dippy eggs and soldiers. Cheesy, creamy kale, topped with a perfectly runny egg and pinch of seasoning.  Sound good? That sentence pretty much covered the whole ingredient list.  It’s so easy that I make this at least once a week for lunch, and most of the time I don’t even bother…

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Beef Rendang - Slow-cooked fall apart spicy beef with a touch of heat.

Spicy Beef Rendang

Forget takeaways, nothing could beat this meltingly tender beef rendang. Each piece is caramelised on the outside, falling apart on the inside, and permeated with layer upon layer of creamy, spicy flavours. This is a slow-cooked dish, that requires the occasional bit of attention during it’s 4 hours in the oven. It’s one that’s worth saving…

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Chocolate almond banana bread - Rich and moist chocolate banana bread, dotted with swirls of frangipane and topped with almond frosting and candied nuts.

Chocolate Almond Banana Bread

Moist, chocolatey banana bread, dotted with swirls of almond frangipane, topped with creamy almond frosting and sprinkled with handfuls of crunchy candied almonds and pecans. I don’t think I need to say any more.  Post complete. Ok, I can’t just stop there, but it was so good that I lost all words as I looked…

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